What Is Lawn Bowling?

Lawn Bowling is a game that’s played all over the world. It’s a game that requires a lot of concentration and focus. They use asymmetrical balls meaning the game is more challenging than simple bowling.

What is lawn bowling?

Lawn Bowling or “Bowls” is generally viewed as a casual sport where you try to roll a weighted ball so that it comes to rest as close as possible to another ball called the Kitty or Jack.

The first rules were published in 1864, by a Scottish cotton merchant called William Wallace Mitchell. His rules remain the basis of how we bowl today, although there are many variations of the game.

In Lawn Bowling, there are three main components: the mat, the playing area, and the bowlers. You need a mat to keep the grass down and to prevent players from slipping.

There are different types of Lawn Bowling including singles, doubles, triples, and fours. Each player gets five shots at each end of the court. The first player to score 10 points wins the game.

Is It The Same As Bocce?

Lawn bowling is similar to Bocce because both games require a lot of skill and attention to detail, both are played outdoors on grassy areas, and both involve throwing a ball at a target However, there are differences.

First, Bocce is a team sport, while Lawn Bowling is individual or played as a team. Second, Bocce requires a specific type of ball called a bocci, while Lawn Bowling uses a bowling ball.

Furthermore, Bocce is played on a small wooden board, while Lawn Bowling is played using a large rubber mat.


What is lawn bowling

Lawn bowls is played on a flat surface with a smooth hard surface called the “green”. A game consists of two teams (or individuals) each trying to get their ball closest to the jack.

Each player takes it, in turn, to roll the ball down the green. The player who rolls closest to the jack gets a point. Points are added until someone reaches the jack.

If there is still a tie at the end of the game, then the next game will start. At the beginning of each game, you will start at the center of the pitch.

As the game progresses, the ball will move toward the goal line. At the end of each game, there is a ditch at the end of the field.

The balls that fall into the ditch are not played again. You cannot knock other players’ balls into the ditch. If the ball hits another player’s bowl, then the player whose bowl it hit takes possession of the ball.


If playing Triples they are played over 21 sets. There are three teams of four players. One player is the skip, another is the bowler and the third plays as the middleman.

The skip throws two bowls, the bowler delivers two bowls, then the skip delivers his remaining two bowls, and the bowlers then deliver their remaining bowls.

The game is played over 21 ends and there is an extra pair of bowls thrown by the middlemen.

Fours is played the same; 21 sets over 21 ends. There are four teams of four players. Two players are designated as the skip and the bowler.

The skip throws two balls, the bowler delivers one ball, then the skip delivers two bowls, the bowlers then deliver their remaining bowls, then the skip throws the extra pair of bowls.

Another variation is short mat bowls. Short mat bowls is an indoor winter sport that requires no special equipment.

It is suitable for any venue including village halls, schools, social clubs, and sports and social clubs. Short mat bowls is often played by those who aren’t as mobile as others and are a good sport for anyone physically disabled.

As with normal bowls the jack is placed at the start line and the players use their balls to try to knock the jack over. If a player knocks the jack over then he/she will score points.

The first player to reach the end of the track wins. There are two types of short mat bowls – singles and pairs.


lawn bowl

Lawn bowls are played with a special kind of ball called a “lawn bowl” and they weigh approximately 1/3rd of a normal bowling ball. The weight distribution gives the lawn bowl its unique trajectory.

A lawn bowler can throw the ball at any angle, and even spin the ball while it travels through the air. Because there is no added weight, the trajectory is determined solely by the shape of the ball.


In Bocce, which is similar to lawn bowls, many professional players will use an overhead throw to deliver the ball.

If you’re using an overhand throw, you might need to adjust your grip to get the right amount of spin on the ball. You should also try to keep your wrist straight while throwing the ball.

A proper grip on a lawn bowler should be comfortable for the player. In addition, a grasp that transfers the weight through your center of gravity will be the most efficient method.

This can be accomplished if you make sure that your middle finger is the last to leave the ball before throwing it.

There are three grips that most bowlers use, each with their own advantages.

The fingertip grip allows the ball to be gripped using the fingertips and offers better touch for fast greens while the claw grip spreads the fingers apart and places pressure between them and the thumb.

This is best for slower greens that need more power. The cradle hold allows the ball to rest in the palm of the hands and provides extra support for those with smaller or weaker hands.


If bowling is a big part of your life you should undertake balance training and exercises, especially if you are older this will increase your mobility and enhance your gameplay.

Furthermore, You may need to change the way you play lawn bowls to accommodate any injuries you have.

Change your shoes to ones with grippy soles when stepping off a green. Use non-skid bowling mats with significant grip at the top surface to allow friction between your shoes and the mats.

In Summary

Lawn bowling is a great sport for keeping fit, it’s sociable and allows you to get fresh air every time you play. What’s not to love?

Drew Kaufner