What Is Cosmic Bowling (Overview: All You Need To Know)?

Bowling is enjoyed by many across the world, but how did it start?

There are many theories about the origins of bowling. Some say it started when Germanic tribesmen threw stones at wooden targets.

What Is Cosmic Bowling

Others claim it came from the Romans who played a similar game called Pula using a ball and wooden target. Still, others point to the Chinese who invented a game called Xiangqi, which resembles modern bowling.

There are even claims that the game originated in Egypt and was brought to Europe by Alexander the Great. Regardless of its origin, bowling became a popular pastime in England during the Middle Ages.

The first recorded mention of bowling in America comes from 1647 when Dutch settlers introduced the game to New York City.

In those days it was called “Nine-pin Bowling” because there were nine pins instead of ten. The reason for adding an additional pin is unknown.

The earliest known reference to bowling in America was in Washington Irving’s 1818 short story, Rip Van Winkle. The game was being enjoyed across the country with different rules and equipment.

By the mid-1800s, bowling alleys were built throughout New York City and the Bronx, as well as Syracuse, Buffalo, Chicago, Milwaukee, and other cities with large immigrant populations.

Over 67 million people in the US go bowling each year, according to the USBC.

A New Twist

A variation of normal bowling is Cosmic Bowling which has become popular in recent years. Cosmic Bowling is a type of laser tag game. It is played with infrared beams, which allow players to see each other while playing.

Cosmic Bowling games usually feature a number of lanes, each equipped with multiple targets. Each target is designed to emit a different colored light when hit.

When a player hits a target, he or she receives points depending on the color of the beam that struck it. Some games also offer bonus points for hitting certain targets. The game ends after all the targets are hit.

Bowling has always been a social activity. People go out to bowl together, often drinking beer and eating pizza or other snacks before or after the game.

Some bowling alleys even offer special events like karaoke nights or movie screenings. So why choose cosmic bowling over traditional bowling?

A Less Boring Game

Bowling has always been a great pastime for people of all ages. But sometimes it can get boring and uninteresting.

To make the experience more interesting, bowling centers started adding extra features like lighting, music, and special effects. These additions made bowling even more enjoyable.

Cosmic bowling basically combines the fun of bowling with the excitement of a cosmic environment. Cosmic Bowling turns any ordinary bowling alley into a groovier and more fun place to bowl attracting more people.

How Does It Work?

What Is Cosmic Bowling

Cosmic Bowling is still similar to regular bowling, but the differences lie within the environment, vibe, atmosphere, and overall experience.

There are many types of lights that are used during the game. Some of them are neon lights, black lights, dancing flickering lights, and others. These lights help create an amazing ambiance around the lanes.

Another difference is that the balls are made out of plastic instead of wood. This helps the ball travel easily through the air easier and also creates a smoother surface for the ball to roll on.

Cosmic bowling is generally played at night, and you will often see a bunch of people dressed in costumes playing the game. It is a great opportunity to play a competitive game as well as to party!

Bowling centers offering the cosmic experience will often use fog machines to create an eerie and mystical atmosphere.

This creates a feeling of mystery and excitement that enhances the overall cosmic bowling experience and makes it feel like you’re in another dimension.

Cosmic bowling requires a large space that is well-lit and equipped with comfortable seating. There should be plenty of room for everyone to move freely.

What To Wear

If you’re going to play cosmic bowling, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. A nice option for you can be wearing an electric blue shirt or clothes that illuminate in the dark.

Shirts that glow in the dark look really cool when you are in the mystical and magical environment of a cosmic bowling center. In addition, you will look fashionable and amazing in the alley; the envy of your friends!

Virtual Bowling

As well as adding fun in the real world, Cosmic Bowling is also a mobile app that allows you to create your own custom cosmic lanes and play them anywhere! You can even share your lanes with other users.

Cosmic Bowling lets you create your own unique lane using the same technology that powers the world’s largest indoor LED screens.

Your lanes are fully customizable and you can choose from different themes, colors, music, and graphics. You can also add special effects like fog, rainbows, lasers, and strobes.

In Summary

If you are bored of plain old bowling and need a bit more of a thrilling ride (so to speak) then why not find a center that offers cosmic bowling near you?

It’s a great way to get mates together and have some friendly competition and combine bowling with a fun party! What’s not to love? Happy groovy bowling!

Drew Kaufner