Bowling Tips From The Pros Themselves

Bowling is a fun activity that many people enjoy. It is a highly sociable sport that allows you to spend time with loved ones.

Bowling Tips From The Pros Themselves

There are always a select few who show more potential for the sport and end up performing exceptionally well.

Back in the 60s and 70s, bowling was very popular, and this era was known as the ‘golden age’.

During this time, all kinds of bowling tournaments were shown on TV, and top players were earning millions of dollars through sponsorship deals and prize money.

While the interest in professional bowling has decreased, those pros are still out there, and they have tons of advice for aspiring professional bowlers.

This article will outline some tips from professional bowlers, so you can up your game and improve in the sport yourself!


The key thing that needs to be on point in bowling is your concentration. This means that anything that’s bothering you in your head needs to be put aside when you’re standing on that lane.

If you lose concentration, it can really mess up your aim, your swing, your approach, the lot! Therefore, take a few deep breaths before you approach, and focus on the game.

Keep Your Shoulders Square

Your shoulders must be square for consistent deliveries. If one of your shoulders drops, this could interfere with your swing and the direction of the ball. Sometimes, your shoulder can drop if you rush your approach.

To prevent this, make sure you have a moderate speed in your approach, and be aware of your shoulders.

Keep Your Back Straight

This is a very tricky thing to be aware of, as it is automatic for your back to want to bend when you’re lowering a ball that weighs 15 pounds.

However, keeping your back straight will make sure you have a good delivery, and will also prevent injury.

Your Arm Must Stay Straight And Close To Your Body

Bowling Tips From The Pros Themselves

You must remember to keep your arm straight and close to your body. If you bend it or swing it away from your body, you’ll end up ruining your form and the ball will not go where you want it to.

If you want more lift with your throw, then a slight bend at the elbow is okay, but any more than this, and it can really throw the ball out of whack.

Ensuring that the inside of your elbow is close to your body and facing towards the lane, will keep your form correct.

Bend Your Knee

Keeping your knee bent the entire time will really help your performance. You may be tempted to start your slide with a bent knee, and then straighten up as you throw the ball.

While this gives you more lift, staying low will really give you more force, and you’ll definitely notice higher scores if you remember to do this.

Slide Straight

Bowling Tips From The Pros Themselves

Maintaining your balance is crucial for releasing your bowling ball in the best way possible. There’s nothing worse than losing your footing, throwing you off balance just as you are ready for a good throw.

In order to stay balanced, make sure your approach and slide are perpendicular to the foul line. This needs to be maintained at all times.

Follow Through

Following through refers to what your arm is doing after you release the ball. You must make sure that your arm is close to your head with your thumb pointing over your shoulder.

If your arm is in this position after releasing the ball, you know you have let it go with the right amount of force.

Hold That Pose

You must focus on something before releasing the ball. Continue to hold the pose until you are fully comfortable and have aimed correctly, and then release.


Although it sounds cliché, practice really does make perfect. It’s hard to become good at something if you only do it once a week, so grab a friend and get to your nearest bowling alley as often as possible if you’re serious about improving.

Have your friend give you feedback on your approach, swing, or anything at all, and work on that feedback each time!

If you prefer to go solo, you could record yourself and then watch it back, improving on any aspects you notice!

Have Fun

The most important thing about bowling is to have fun. It’s the perfect activity you can take part in with your friends and family, so grab your favorites, and get throwing!

Final Thoughts

Whether you aspire to go pro, or just want to improve your technique, these tips can help you do exactly that.

They are easy to remember and have been accumulated by professionals themselves.

We hope these tips will help you improve your skills in bowling, no matter what your goals may be.

Drew Kaufner